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Everything was perfect... It was a pleasure to work with the owners. We would recommend to friends. Thank you.


Tricia Greene - Nov 18th - 25th 2011

The house is better than ever. The theme rooms are cute and awesome. The pool was really fun. When here, we always feel at home. Rhiannan.

Thank you for letting us stay here. We had a great time. Veronica.


I really liked the house. The themed bedrooms were breathtaking, the pool was fun and the playground was great. Iain did a good job. Cullen.

The themed rooms....thumbs up. You take good care of this house. Nicely done Iain. Garrett.

The Minster family - November 8th - 17th 2011

We all had a very enjoyable time. Villa excellent.

The Reads, Wilbys and Smiths - October 13th - 27th 2011

We had such a wonderful time in the your this week. The grandkids loved the garden tub and the pool was a life saver. The pool man even made a comment about it being used a lot. We arn't used to such hot weather, so it helped a lot. The location was perfect for us also. Hopefully we will come down this way again.

The Harrison family - July 10th - 16th 2011

The fleckers would like to thank you for sharing your home with us. It was so nice to be able to stay together yet still have privacy with the other family The Termans. Next time we would prefer to spend less time at the parks and more time in the home. Thanks again.

The Fleckers - June 11th - 18th 2011

Visiting from Pennsylvania and Maryland. Went to Disney parks and water park and Universal. All had a fabulous time. Exhausting. Love staying in your home.
The Kases and Bergs - May 21 - 28th 2011

We had a fun time here in florida. Disney was fun and here in the house was fun.


The Nickles and Brammer Families. - April 10th 2011

We had tons of fun here in Florida. what a nice change from the cold and snow. The four kids loved the pool and hot tub. They even spent 6-8 hours in it non stop. We will definitely be back.

The MacConnells - April 1st - 6th 2011

Hello Iain, We have had a fantastic time in Kissimmee. We started with the warmest weather for at least 10 years. Over 80 degrees in February. Thanks for everything and we wish you the best.

The Schatz and Nilsson families. Feb 2nd - March 9th 2011

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home. It was everything we expected and more. Great location and kids just loved the pool and parents the hot tub. Just a lovely family vacation.

The James family - March 10 - 21st 2011

We had such a great time, your home is very warm and welcoming. Great location, made it easy for getting around. Everyone loved the pool and hot tub and our daughter loved the Disney theme room. Thank you again.

The Purcha and Unger family - February 13 - 20th 2011

Dear Ian, I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to spend some time on my trip to Orlando, the house is very good.


Marcio Kazuo Kiyama - January 2011